Claro Creative Studios has demonstrated that successful roll-out of retail stores depends on a well-planned and directed program, that insures smooth coordination of the many elements involved in the delivery of a complete store. From working with your designers, reviewing construction documents, finding the right contractors and vendors, managing schedule and budget to hand-over to store operations – it is essential to have a single responsible person, representing the owner, to efficiently manage the resources and achieve the roll-out’s goals.

We were involved in key roles in the successful first year’s roll–out of Apple Computer’s retail store initiative. This 27 store program covered stores in cities across the United States, from California to New York, that brought a high standard of customer service and environment to the personal computer business. Although the store design incorporated many custom materials and features, the roll-out strategy insured that budget and schedule goals were met while maintaining quality specifications that differentiate Apple Computer from its rivals.

Selected List of Projects:

Microsoft Retail Stores, 2009 initial roll out
Apple Retail Stores, Nationwide Rollout Program
The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, Seattle, WA
The United States Patent and Trade Mark Museum, Alexandria, VA