Claro Creative Studios is passionate about creating high quality exhibits, and has a reputation for getting the job done right. We bring together professionals who share respect for each other’s talents in handling challenging and complex projects. We are easy to work with and often take an unconventional approach to design and fabrication issues, which allows for more creative and cost effective solutions.

We are a team of independent consultants dedicated to delivering the best and most efficient design and production solutions for our clients.  We tailor project personnel to the needs and budget of specific projects.  In this way we can provide the right staff, at the right time, for the right duration, maximizing project productivity while minimizing client investment.

Claro Creative Studios, with its combined experience and talent, provides excellent value for whatever your project may require. Give us the ‘big idea’ and we’ll make your vision a reality.

  Dave Clare
Dave founded Claro Creative Studios because he saw a need for responsive, creative and practical solutions and execution for clients seeking value and unique experiences for their projects. Dave has a passion for being involved in delivering entertaining and engaging spaces. His experience working all around the world for Disney, Sony, Apple (to name a few) gives him an invaluable breadth of project knowledge and Dave is especially adept at defining and implementing project goals and solving implementation problems.
Annette Crump Annette Crump
Project Planning
& Management
Annette has extensive Project Management and Project Controls experience. Before working with Claro she was a Project Planner at Walt Disney Imagineering. With Claro she has been hands on managing budget and schedule for the Longwood Children's Garden, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, the Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, and the Flying Heritage Collection, where she demonstrated a remarkable ability to plan the implementation of a project at the strategic level while managing it at a detailed level.
  Jeff Thom
Production & Installation
Jeff's role is to manage the production and installation of exhibits, attractions and retail interiors - a skill at which he is one of the best in the industry. Jeff has hands on experience in designing, producing and installing a wide range of major marquis exhibits with Claro Creative Studios as well as the Larson Company, Sony Development, and Chase Studio. He is an invaluable asset throughout the design process providing input to insure operational reliability of mechanical, electrical, and casework elements and anticipating facility integration issues when they can be addressed most efficiently. During production and installation Jeff leads the team to realize cost-effective and reliable exhibits .

Claro has a combination that is hard to beat –creative expertise as well as being extremely knowledgeable on engineering and constructability aspects of a project. We were thoroughly impressed with their work and would highly recommend them.
– Sharon Loving, Director of Horticulture, Longwood Gardens

“Claro has one of the most efficient staffs I have ever worked with. They are outstanding project managers, as well as visionary designers.”
– Roxanne Yonn, Executive Director, Aerospace Museum of California